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We take pride in getting reviews from out valued costumers. Every review good or bad we get helps us to know what we are doing right and what we need to improve on. As a growing company it’s very important to always be improving. You can like us on facebook, review us on any website and we will be proud to read each one. Thank again for choosing Ferraro HVAC 




This years I had a company that has been servicing my equipment and my parents for years. This year my furnace went out and what the tech found was a crack in the heat exchanger and I needed to replace the unit. The cost was from $5,000 to $15,000 I called my father and told him the story for what the tech found he asked well why it stopped working though. He told me to get a second look. I called Ferraro HVAC for a 2nd estimate on my Furnace this year because a friend gave me there card. The Owner Anthony came out to my house and looked over my furnace he asked if the other company showed me on a camera the crack or on a special device that finds them. I told him no they did not, He then got his camera to inspect it and this device to take readings. The camera showed no cracks but found rust and he showed me everything on the camera. Then the device he used also showed that the readings were normal. Then he looked over the furnace and found the real problem and was able to fix it right away and get the heat on. Thank you very much for your service I am very happy I found this company.


Sara.L Oak Brook, IL  

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