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Precision Furnace Tune-Ups & Sysyem Check

Do you find yourself frequently without heat?  Tired of paying excessively high utility bills? Worried about your furnace getting older? Then you should call Ferraro Hvac Inc. to come out and perform its no break down guarantee Furnace Tune-Up and yearly maintenance. 


  • Save Money and Energy: A clean heating system operates more efficiently and uses far less energy & gas than one that has not been properly maintained. By calling Ferraro HVAC out yearly you will be saving money and more energy.


  • Increase Comfort: Dirt buildup within the furnace can obstruct the flames from burning as hot as they should. This will decrease your comfort as you wait forever for your furnace to meet the temperature you need. Ferraro Hvac. We will also check air flow because not having proper air flow will decrease efficiency and comfort. Call today and let Ferraro Hvac keep you comfortable all winter long.


  • Prevent Breakdowns: 90% of furnace breakdowns can be traced back to a lack of regular maintenance. Avoid the inconvenience and cost of frequent breakdowns, and have Ferraro Hvac clean & Tune-Up your furnace yearly.


  • Increase Lifespan: The better you care for your furnace, the longer it will last! Ferraro Hvac technicians will clean, oil, and inspect your system to prevent the need for premature replacement.


  • No Breakdown Guarantee: When you have your furnace maintained by a Ferraro Hvac you can rest easy. If a breakdown does occur we will return for free! You won’t have to pay the service fee for coming out.

Furnace Tune Up Checklist

  • Clean Furnace or Boiler

  • Check Exhaust

  • Clean and Check Pilots

  • Adjust Pilot

  • Check Thermocouple

  • Clean Burners

  • Adjust Burners

  • Check Gas Pressure

  • Check Flame Pattern

  • Check Fan Belts

  • Check Electical Connections

  • Check Amp Draw

  • Check Furnace Filter

  • Check Air Flow

  • Check Equpiment Safteys

  • Check Heat Anticipators

  • Check Thermostat

  • Check Limit

  • Inspect Combustion Chamber

  • Inspect Heat Exchanger 

  • Test for Carbon Monoxide

  • Check Blower Wheel

  • Check Blower Motor 

  • Test for Gas Leaks

  • Check Combustion Air

  • Test Gas Valve Operation

  • Check Humidifier

  • Check Inducer Motor

  • Check Accessories

  • Secure Pannels

  • Calibrate Thermostat

  • Check for Air Leaks

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