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Is your house cooling correctly?


During the summer months running your air conditioner typically is your highest energy cost. Making sure that the equipment is cooling properly and efficiently will help keep your energy bills low and more cash in your pocket. If you’re looking for yearly maintenance to make sure your equipment is running properly or looking for new high efficiency equipment. Call us today and have one of our trained specialist come out and inspect your equipment.

Yearly Professional Maintenance


 Cooling system equipment should be maintained yearly to make sure it is working properly and efficiently.  Lack of maintenance will result in higher energy bills, higher repair bills, voided warranties, reduced comfort and air quality, and shortened life of the equipment.


  By scheduling a complete system check and Tune- up of your cooling equipment on a regular basis will prolong the life of your equipment. Dirty A/C coils in the picture shown is a huge killer of A/C units and high energy costs. It why we highly recommend when having yearly maintenance done. A professional deep chemical cleaning is always recommended.

Cooling Equipment Repairs


Cooling Equipment repairs can be costly when they happen. Most break downs can be prevented by yearly routine maintenance. When it comes to repairs call the professional’s and make sure it’s done right the first time. At a flat rate price so there are no surprises to you. We give you the options when it comes to repairs. We will offer you the Quick Fix and the premium fix. Because there is always more than one way to repair it and a way prevent it from happening again.

New Instaltions


When thinking about replacing an A/C system call Ferraro HVAC. We will double look over the A/C system and give you another set of repairs options/ 2nd opinion. We always give a list of options on replacements from the Premium to the cost efficient option. We charge $65.00 for an estimate, if you decide to use us for the replacement we take the $65.00 of the new installation. We take the old equipment and parts with us. We will make sure the work area is clear of all debris and the new equipment is working properly before we leave.  After everything is done we will explain to you how the equipment operates and answer all questions you have.

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