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AC Tune-up & yearly maintenance

Professional Air Conditioner Maintenance


Is it really that important to get your air conditioner maintenance yearly? When you think about how much a typical AC repair costs from not properly maintaining the AC & cleaning it becomes obvious.


  • 90% of all air conditioning break downs are typically caused because lack of maintenance

  • By not having a properly Cleaned coil can Increase operating cost over 50% more. Then a system properly cleaned

  • A Well maintained air conditioner will increase the life of the equipment.

  • A Dirty Air conditioner can take up to 3 times as long and properly cleaned and maintained AC


Having a professional technician come tune up your home air conditioning system can result in surprising increases in performance, output, and efficiency, as well as a welcome decrease in the cost of operation Call Ferraro Hvac Inc. to make sure you’re not wasting Energy today

Benefits of Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance


  • Save Money & Energy: Clean air conditioners are able to use the energy they consume more efficiently. Less energy is wasted with each cycle and your energy bill.


  • Increase Performance: Dust and dirt make it more difficult for your air conditioner to breathe and dispense its heat. Which causes your AC to suffer trying to cool your home.


  • Prevent Breakdowns: Dirt build up will cause costly breakdowns in the middle of the night or sometimes on the hottest days in the Chicagoland area. Stay ahead of the game by getting your AC checked before the heat comes


  • Increase Lifespan: Get the most out of your air conditioner stop replacing equipment early because of lack of maintenance your AC should last 15-20 years.


    Air Conditioner Tune-Up Points of Service Checklist

  • Check Belts

  • Check Fan Motor

  • Check Fan Blade

  • Check Freon Level

  • Check Amperage

  • Check Thermostat 

  • Check Temperature Draw

  • Check Temperature Drop

  • Check Electrical 

  • Check AC Level

  • Check Air FLow

  • Check Thermostat

  • Clean Air Conditioner

  • Inspect Furnace Filter

  • Inspect Furnace Blower

  • Oil Blower if necessary

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